Simstarter NG tricks and tips for TileProxy and FlyInsideFSX VR

Simstarter NG is a fantastic way to launch Prepar3D (P3D), giving you many options that would otherwise be a pain to do and all after the simulation loads in most cases. ??But I had to do a little trickery to get it to play nicely with things like TileProxy and for VR using FlyInsideFSX. ??I’ll show you a few of my techniques to get around these issues. ??There may be other ways of handling things, but this was the quickest and easiest route that I found. Continue reading

Xplane 11 Beta – Increase FPS with a few shadow tweaks via a FlyWithLUA Script

I’ve spent the better part of several months now tweaking my simulators for use with Oculus Rift + Flyinside (and also having tested the Vive). ??More recently, I’ve had the pleasure of using X-Plane for the first time. ??As an aside, X-Plane out of the box (version 11 beta) is leaps and bounds ahead of (Prepar3D) P3D in terms of visuals and of course also due to being 64-bit. ??P3D will hopefully catch up in 2017 as its expected they will release a 64bit version. ??I’ve also had some time with Aerofly FS2 and its quite good in terms of eye candy, right out of the box with no tweaking, however it will be some time before this one is refined. ??That said, I’ve had to become accustomed to using DataRef changes (DataRef Editor) and also using FlyWithLUA so i can drop what are called .Lua files inside the scripts folder. ??Using these tweaks you can gain back some performance that the beta for XP11 is lacking. ??Its been noted that Beta 6 will gain back some FPS, so patience will win out with this one. ??Here are the steps I took to getting FlyWithLua working in XP. Continue reading