Flight Video – South Charleston Ohio Music Video Montage – 4-17-16

This is a short music video montage from a recent flight in South Charleston Ohio. ??I hadn’t quite got the micro minimOSD setup completed the way I wanted at this point, however it was mostly there, short of some flashing in the video. ??I??managed to climb to around 387 feet. ??Once again I used the HeadPlay HD goggles for nearly the entire flight.. I usually take them off for takeoff and landing.

V303/X380 Quad – Adding a Micro MinimOSD Module – Build Log (Video)

I have had several standalone OSD attempts on my XK Detect V303??to this date. ??My quad is the newer version, so it has a lot of the same x380 hardware inside. ??The first OSD I got second hand, the EZOSD by ImmersionRC. ??I mounted the modules on the outside of the quad and put its GPS module in the canopy dome near the eyes of the quad and shielded it. ??I ran into issues where it would take well over 6 minutes to get a good lock, requiring about 10 satellites (out of say 13 visible) to do so. ??If you would fly prior to the lock you would get wacky altitude readings. ??So I then tried a second hand DragonOSD and this one couldnt even get a lock, most likely defective. ??At this point I had decided to give the MinimOSD a shot, since some people in the RCGroups had successfully done so. ??And that brings us to this build and all the juicy details.
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