Prepar3D Settings – Version 3.3.5 Very High

i7-6700k 4.0ghz (turbo 4.2) DDR4 (2x2GB) at 2130 or
i7-4930k 3.4ghz at 4.4ghz DDR3 (4x4GB) at 2400
*Nvidia 1080 FTW (EVGA)
*Note these settings worked well enough for most situations with the 980ti SC+ card for 2D and lower super sample 2368 for flyinsidefsx VR
AffinityMask=1365 hex core
AffinityMask=85 quad

Tests.. 6700k at stock + 1080 FTW :   FSXMark07 Saved Flight test, with FTX + REX + UTX + GEX, gives 40 fps paused initially and 30 fps for the average

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