Simstarter NG tricks and tips for TileProxy and FlyInsideFSX VR

Simstarter NG is a fantastic way to launch Prepar3D (P3D), giving you many options that would otherwise be a pain to do and all after the simulation loads in most cases. ??But I had to do a little trickery to get it to play nicely with things like TileProxy and for VR using FlyInsideFSX. ??I’ll show you a few of my techniques to get around these issues. ??There may be other ways of handling things, but this was the quickest and easiest route that I found. Continue reading

Prepar3D v3.1 SSD vs Sata III: Cold Boots Become Toasty Fast

After years of running Flight Simulator X (FSX) and now Prepar3D (P3D) with older SATA drives and dealing with really long load times, it seemed like the perfect time to explore how an upgrade to SSD SATA might really perform. ??I ran a series of tests both with P3D on its own SSD drive and also in conjunction with the OS being SSD and found some interesting results.

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FPV Ground Station Build Log (video)

This is my first attempt at building a ground station for FPV (first person video). ??Now that I have full blown FPV for my Twinstar II and also with a XK Detect V303 I was in need of a ground station that would do the job and have some redundancy (for eventual) mid-range flights. ??In the meantime, I’ve also modified both my HeadPlay HD and Quanum V2’s to have both 1.3 GHz and 5.8 GHz, so when not using the ground station, at least on shorter, less risky flights they do the job. ??This article outlines the parts I used and the some of the steps to build this ground station. ??At the end of the article is a video that breaks it all down as well.

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RC Charging Station and Fire-Safe Lipo Container Build Log (video)

I had previously been using a smaller charging device, that of an FMA CellPro 4S one that??only output a wopping 4 amps, which is very limited for modern larger batteries. ?? So I knew I needed something with more horsepower and it would require constructing a whole new setup to charge anything from Nicads to 4S and beyond batteries and two at once was my minimal goal. ??There was some merit to going with two separate chargers, but I liked the all in one design of the Reaktor and was willing to risk it dying completely vs having two separate chargers. ??I looked at various possible charge box options and chose this type of “suitcase” aluminum charging box. ??I could have gone with a more vertical “toolbox” style, but this one offered a bit of flexibility. ??In this article I’ll show the equipment I used to make it and how it was put together as well as the fire-safe box I ended up creating for both charging and transport.

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V303 / x380 Stock Receiver Swap + Taranis x9D Build Log (video)

I wanted to make it possible to use my Taranis x9D with my v303 (x380 hybrid) for various reasons. ??One of them being the ability to have RSSI to the minimOSD, which I haven’t gotten to work with so far with the stock Flight Controller (FC). ??I also wanted to have both the x380 and Twinstar II on the same radio as models for simplification. ??I was also hoping for more range than the stock radio, though in recent days I’ve read of stories of people at least with the true-blue x380 hitting 2 miles in one direction on the stock equipment. ??In this build guide I’ll share the details of what I end up doing.

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