XP11: Darken Projected Cloud Shadows on the Ground with this Tweak

I’ve recently began the great adventure that is X-Plane, specifically X-Plane 11 (XP11), after years of FSX and more recently Prepar3D (P3D). ??Granted I still use both, but I’ve been on the hunt for tweaks to make the already pretty great XP11 even better. ??If your also a P3D user like me, you were probably used to seeing nice cloud shadows projected on the ground scenery. ??With XP11 they are very subtle. ??Using the tweak in this article you can make them better.
You have to first make sure you have the latest version of FlyWithLua installed to your Plugins folder. ??After that all you need to do is use the following line in a new text document you will rename say “cloudshadows.lua” ??Simply put that lua file in the subfolder under FlyWithLua called Scripts and start the sim and note the changes.

set(“sim/private/controls/clouds/cloud_shadow_lighten_ratio”, 0.950000)

You can play with different values here, but I found this one to be pretty good. ??The default is 0.5 with XP11 beta 9.

Notes on the screenshot/scenery:

This is the view from the default cessna at around 3200 feet above the KPNS Pensacola region with Ortho4XP ZL17 and Bing maps (BI) as the source. I’m using Clouds Gold 1.4 and the script from BetterSky 1.0.2?? This is on PB9 note i did (later) tweak cloud gain (not in this photo) to set(“sim/private/controls/clouds/ambient_gain”, 3.8) it was 5.0 to add a little more darkness to the clouds. ??These tweaks with Clouds Gold and BetterSky help eliminate the ugly default dark clouds of XP. ??I also have xEnviro, but there are some issues running in VR mode, which i do with FlyInsideXP with the Oculus Rift, so for now I use manual tweaks.

Here is the default 0.5:

And here it is at 0.95:

Note that if you want to play around with these settings before making a more “permanent” lua script file. ??You can make sure you have the DataRefEditor plugin installed and then adjust its value from within X-Plane on the fly.

Happy Flights!

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