V303 XK Detect 2D Brushless Gimbal + Git 2 Camera Mods (video)

The latest adventure has me adding the stock XK Detect Gimbal and a Git2.  Here are all the details on these two recent additions to my v303 (x380 hybrid) quad.

XK Detect 2D Brushless Gimbal

The stock XK Detect 2-axis brushless gimbal I found on Xt-xinte for $70 shipped.  This gimbal rings in on the scale at 5.99 oz or about 169.8 grams.

20160525_213606 gimbal1web

I’ll have more details on how this is wired in the near future.


I’ve initially received the 170 degree Git2 from Gearbest (paid around $100 after coupon codes, originally $139).  I’m testing this one right now, but I ended up ordering the 90 degree 4.35mm f2.8 version directly from Git2 for $149.  There is the option to change out the lens on the Git2 with one such as this one for around $59, but this requires a bit of effort and refocusing which doesn’t always work, so I’ve opted to get the one that is already pre-installed.  With the 90, there is less fisheye issues in the image and its a close if not exact match to the 72 degree Headplay HD view angle.

Here are some specs on the 90 degree version I’ll be using.

First up is the spec on the angle.  Its listed as 90, this 90 refers to the DIAGONAL, wheres its Horizontal is listed at 72 degrees.

It supports the following video resolutions:

  • 2160P HD video: 2880 x 2160; 24fps;
    1440P HD video: 2560 x 1440; 30fps;
    1296P HD video: 2304 x 1296; 30fps;
    1080P HD video: 1920 x 1080; 60fps;
    1080P HD video: 1920 x 1080; 30fps;
    720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 120fps;
    720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 60fps;
    720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 30fps;
    WVGA video: 848 x 480; 30fps;
    VGA: 648 x 480; 240fps

Its weight rings in at 64g or about 2.2 oz, whereas my old Runcam HD is 41g or 1.44 oz.

Its listed at 90 minutes on the battery life, but that is most likely the very max and without WIFI active, which I’ll be disabling to prevent possible interference.

One nice feature is the ability to get an adapter to be able to trigger video vs photo shoot mode remotely via the Control TX.  It can also take pictures at the same time you record video, but the resolution is limited to 1080p, rather than 16MP (4608*3456).

There are ways of powering the Git2 via a 5v bec/line, but as of now I’m not going to utilize this.

The size of the unit is 59 x 30 x 41mm.  It has Mini USB , Micro HDMI, MicroSD with support for up to 64GB cards.  The video recording is done with an H.264 encoder and MP4 video container.  It also has a Gyro for stabilization, but as you can see from my video tests, using this mode (and possibly also with WDR), you lose detail.  With the Gryo it zooms in to allow for stabilization and the image isn’t as sharp.  Since I have a gimbal, the Gyro really isnt needed, it would be better for on a motorcycle or similar activity.


Some notes on the Git2’s firmware out of the box…  It came with Version 1.4_0324 installed of its firmware.  I immediately did the update to bring it to version 1.4_20160324 beta, given there were some improvements.  The file is located here.  There is also a beta version for 1.5.. Using beta can be hit or miss, so do so with caution.  The 1.5 beta is located here.  The general firmware page is located here.

Here are the exact upgrade steps taken from Git2:

  • Download the firmware file, and prepare the MicroSD card
  •  Unzip the file using available unzip programs, e.g. WinZip or 7-Zip
  • Open the file and copy the .bin file directly onto the MicroSD card root file, make sure you formatted the card for FAT32 mode.
  •  Insert the MicroSD card into the cam and power it on via a 5V/1A power source, e.g. cigarette lighter or power bank, it will start upgrade automatically.
  • While upgrading the photo status green light starts blinking(the light blinking slowly at the beginning, then blinking quickly), after the light stop blinking, it means upgrade is finished. (The whole process lasts about 30 seconds)
  • After upgrade, remove the SD card and delete the firmware, otherwise it will upgrade again when you power on the camera next time.

To make the Git2 work as an FPV camera, you either have to custom cut a USB Mini cable or buy a cable such as one of these..

Amazon  $7
Banggood  $4

I wont initially power the Git2 from the main battery.. I’ll rely on the Git2 battery, plus this prevents added issues with line noise etc.

I’m finding so far, the camera on the Git2 to be inferior to my 600TVL Runcam CCD.  It might just be a setting change needed, but so far I’ve had no real luck matching quality as in the video below.

If i plug in the FPV cable it will be in “Video Record” mode, which puts bars at the top and bottom.  The picture is also pretty muddy and dark.  If i press the Git2 button until in “Camera Photo” mode, the picture becomes more like CCD and full screen, but the DVR recording in both cases is shifted left with a black bar on the right.  I’m thinking at this point its a mismatch between the Camera and the Headplay mode and / or the mini DVR being set to 1280×720 and not 720×480.  The Headplays are set to 4:3 mode.  My next test will be to switch to 16:9 and also change the mini-dvr setting.

As far as the HD recording of the Git2, so far the results are pretty impressive compared to Runcam HD.  I’m working on minimizing “sky blowout”, which as of now appears to be an EV of -1/3 to -2/3 plus maybe some white balance tweaking.  Some of the tweaking would be weather dependent.

Stay tuned here, I’ll have more updates as they occur.

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