PrecipitFX now available for Prepar3D as a free upgrade (Video)

OldProp Solutions Inc has announced an update for PrecipitFX that makes it directly available for install in P3D (Prepar3D).  It was previously technically only supported in Flight Simulator X (FSX).

For those unaware, PrecipitFX adds brand new rain and snow effects for both FSX and P3Dv2.  Gone are the days of seeing a vortex out your front window when flying in a rain storm (unrealistic), though rain drops still dont “bead” on the window as of yet (unless you have an add-on craft that already had that feature).  The effects are quite impressive and I’ve already begun using them in my simulator.  I’m about to complete the upgrade to the P3D compatible version, as in the past few months I’ve been using the FSX version installed “onto” the P3D installation, which worked fine as well.

If you head out to the PrecipitFX website, you will find the video below as well as some other examples of how the weather effects will appear in the simulator using this add-on.  The price for the package if you haven’t bought it as of yet, is $15 CAD (or about $18 in USD).  The pictures below are from the PrecipitFX website, though I hope to add some pictures and video from my own system soon.



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