Tweak revealed to get back the performance with clouds in 2.3

The guys at Lockheed Martin have come through again. They posted a fix for the cloud.fx issue that has caused performance issues, as I showed in the previous article.  The steps involved I’ll outline below, but clearly their tweak brings back performance in clouds as we hoped.  

  • Browse to your install directory and then into the ShadersHLSL folder (the main folder where prepar3d.exe is located)
  • Make a backup of cloud.fx if you want
  • Do a find and search for  GetScreenQuadPositions( quad, width, height );
  • Change the line to GetScreenQuadPositions( quad, width*0.5, height*0.5 );
  • Save the file
  • Flush your shader cache by deleting the shades folder in your OS install directory \users\username\appdata\local\lockheed martin\prepar3d v2\


As was mentioned previously on the forums, you can disable the volume effect (if desired) by finding:

  • #define VOLUMIZE
  • then comment it out with //#define volumize

Without the volumize change, i was able to get my frame rate on my other test system up to 41 fps.. if you turn off volumize it became 44 fps.  This is a big increase from the initial v2.3 cloud.fx and roughly 20-22 fps for the same test.

Here is a link to the full size image.


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